Storied Land of Heroes, Warriors &
Great Kingdoms

The Peloponnese—This ruggedly beautiful region appeals not only to history buffs, but also to food and wine connoisseurs and those seeking an authentic Greek experience.

Explore some of the greatest ancient sites of the Western world— including the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Olympia, Mycenae, the Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae, and the walled Byzantine town of Mystras.    Relive the battles of the Spartan warriors.  Wander the land where Greek mythology comes alive – where Hercules accomplished his first 6 labors, where the story of the Trojan war began, and where the mighty Agamemnon of Mycenae and Nestor once lived.

Next, visit traditional stone villages carved into mountainsides, taste world class wines produced from indigenous grapes, enjoy a Greek coffee in a sleepy fishing village overlooking the sea, and bask on the region’s peaceful beaches. And savor the delicious regional cuisine featuring flavors such as lavender and fir honeys, award winning olive oils, and tsakoniki, a light purple and white eggplant.

And, relax and decompress at some of our favorite accommodations – exquisite boutique hotels with loads of ambience and charm, holistic retreats, and luxury beach resorts.

Contact DELFINIA to begin planning an exceptional tailor-made vacation or honeymoon to the magnificent Peloponnese!

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Mycenae Agamemnon Mask
Mycenae Agamemnon Mask
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Peloponnese fishing village
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