Breathtaking Views &
Black Sand Beaches

Santorini Luxury Vacations & Honeymoons hand-crafted just for you by DELFINIA!  Indulge your senses with a visit to the volcanic island of Santorini, a coveted destination for romantic getaways but also a great spot for family and small group holidays. This crescent shaped island holds many treasures – spectacular orange-hued sunsets, breathtaking caldera views, black, red, and white sand beaches, luxury accommodations, critically acclaimed wines, and active experiences such as hiking and water sports.

For those seeking a romantic holiday, DELFINIA may arrange private gourmet dinners, private expert-led wine tastings, private cooking lessons with acclaimed chefs, and soothing spa treatments. For those interested in a more active holiday, DELFINIA may arrange private boat excursions, guided tours of the island’s fascinating sites (including Akrotiri, the “Greek Pompeii”, an important Bronze Age settlement that was buried in volcanic ash 3600 years ago), biking, and walks – and even helicopter island tours.

For a taste of local culture, enjoy a meal of island specialties featuring unique local food products such as fava (yellow split peas), Santorini cherry tomatoes (the island was a major producer of canned tomatoes and tomato paste in the early 20th century), white eggplant, and katsouni (cucumber) – paired with a glass of award winning Santorini wine.

DELFINIA continually explores Santorini to bring you the best of the island. Share in our top “picks” as we arrange the perfect vacation or romantic getaway to magical Santorini.    Contact us today!

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Akrotiri fresco - Santorini Luxury Vacations and Honeymoons



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