Food & Wine Experiences


Land of Healthy Cuisine & Unique Grape Varieties

Experience a less-traveled Crete through its culinary traditions as you
Learn to prepare sumptuous meals based on the principles of the island’s celebrated diet based on wholesome ingredients—olive oil, fresh greens and herbs, pulses and whole grains
Tour food and spice markets and visit artisanal food producers—cheese makers, beekeepers and organic olive oil producers
Pick fresh greens in the mountains and return to prepare a delicious Cretan meal with these and other locally sourced ingredients
Explore its centuries old vineyards, where rare indigenous grape varieties flourish
Your culinary journey will take you to remote mountain villages where time seems to have stood still and charming coastal towns once dominated by the Venetians and Ottomans. Relax and decompress as you enjoy the Cretan way of life!

Our expert-led private food and wine tours are complemented by our favorite accommodations, luxury transportation, and unique and authentic excursions.

Contact DELFINIA today to arrange your delectable food and wine odyssey on the island of CRETE!

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